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A wee bit of sunshine…

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NEW! Banana Orange Cuppies with White Chocolate Orange Whipped Frosting.

It makes you want to run outside and sing “Good Day Sunshine….” at the top of your lungs.

I know.

I did just that after biting into one.

“…I’m in love and its a sunny day!”


Almost here.

What is it about biting into that balance of sweet and moist that puts a smile on your face.

No NOT that.


Small cake designed to serve one person…


For you. And ONLY you.

And sometimes one isn’t enough.

Sometimes you need two. Or three. Or six.

Sometimes you want one of one and three of another. Or three of one and two of one and one of one.

The possibilities are endless.

The flavors are limitless.

And soon you can have them.


Stay tuned…